Senin, 24 November 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

10.49 pm

Gothenburg, Sweden

Cloudy, 0 Celsius


Actually, I don’t believe about fortune-telling, but if you meet someone who tells you that he/she can read your hand, I believe that you’ll be interested. And it also happened to me. I thought why not? ;)

So, in these three weeks I met 3 people who could read palm lines, at least they said that they could do it. And what makes it is more interesting is that these 3 people are from different nationalities.

Let’s start! The first person said Risma, you would make a big change in your career in the middle of another career because of some reasons and probably you wouldn’t be rich (my heart was screaming.. oh nooo… I need money.. hehhe).

However, (yes! this was the word that I was waiting for.. :b), I saw in your hand that you would travel around the world. At that moment, I was surprised because she was the forth person who was telling me the similar foretelling. Big question now?!

Then the second person told me lots of things about my life with reading my right hand.

He said that I had a traumatic in my childhood which made me changed into another “Risma” in some way. (hmm.. don’t know).. and it showed in my hand that I was a lucky person.. (hooray.. at least.. I feel that.. and you know what, If somebody ask me to think about one word to describe my life and in a second I will say “lucky!”)..

"you just have found yourself since probably 2 or 3 years ago.." (do you get what he means? I think it’s about I found “the real Risma” just from few years ago..) – in my opinion.. probably that’s true.. but I don’t wanna describe my feelings here cause I am scared this blog will be 10 pages long in the end.. ;b

He continued, “this line in the middle shows that you are smart..” (uuuuu… really?!!) “and you are difficult to get in love with someone because you have high standard criteria of a man for being your boyfriend”.. (.. yup..! it is easy to say that I like someone.. but to say I love you…. It takes a long time for me to say that..) then the last thing he said that I would have a pretty good career.. (thank god!)

And the last person just read my palm lines yesterday. She said that I’m gonna be married only one time in another few years in the future.. (hip hip huraa...who’s that man..? I'm curious.. actually, my mom must be happy to hear this insight)..

Then… another weird thing happened.

“Risma”, she called me.

“What?”, I replied.

“ooh.. you’re gonna work with people..", she said.

(my thought: come on.. of course I will work with people..)

"but, most of these people are not from your country”, she continued.

Ohmygod! She became the fifth person!! How interesting! And big smiles on my face!

Sooo.. what is palm reading? Palm reading is known as chiromancy. The purpose of palm reading is to foretell the future of each person by analyzing the lines on one's hands.

Want to read your own hand?

Check this link out:

Want to learn about palm reading? This website is full of palm lines' information.

This is just for fun.. don’t be too serious..

If you have a dream, just believe in yourself that you can reach it..

Soo.. good luck with your future :)

Today’s song: snow patrol - signal fire


R.A.A ;)

-Something happens because of a reason-

Sabtu, 01 November 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008
7:21 pm
Gothenburg, Sweden
Clear, -1 Celsius

Hi guys,
I think today is the best day to try making a blog which I wanted to do for a long time ago. In this cold Saturday night, I am not going outside because my roommate was just fainted last night, so I can’t leave her alone in our room. You know what; I made chicken porridge for her.. Just for your information, in Indonesia it is usual to give a sick person a bowl of porridge.. yes, I am a good roommate, hahaha :). She also doesn’t like to drink water, which is important.. God! So today I am acting like her mother.. Probably tomorrow I will make pancake in the morning and corn soup for her.. And on Monday she will pay all my kindness.. hahaha just kidding ;p
The second reason why I am not going anywhere today is because my leg was injured, so it is still being covered with bandage.. It was twisted cause I felt down from stairs in my class room..

I selected one topic as an introduction of my first blog and it is about “Early Initiation of Breastfeeding”.. Why did I choose this topic? I myself also don’t know why. It just appeared in my mind. Ok, actually I have been very curious with this process since Health Ministry in Indonesia collaborated with World Health Organization suggested it as a first natural contact between a mother and her baby.

So what are the processes of Early Initiation of Breastfeeding?
After the placenta is cut, a baby is put immediately on his/her mother’s chest without cleaning up baby’s body except his/her hands. Based on research, the mother’s body temperature after giving birth is 1 Celsius higher than the babies. However, if the baby feels cold, then his/her mother’s body temperature will be increasing 2 Celsius higher and if the baby feel warm, his/her mother’s body temperature will be decreasing 1 Celsius. The baby will be silent within 20-30 minutes… and this process is believed as a step to neutralize the baby’s condition from trauma being born. Isn’t that amazing? The mother helps her baby adapting into the new world even in the first 20 minutes.

The next step is that automatically the feet of the baby will move like crawling over his/her mom’s body or stomach. These movements are considered to stop hemorrhage of the mother. Now both of them are really helping each other. That is lovely :)

Then, the baby will continue to another movement.. Kissing his/her own hands.. His/her hands have the same smell like fetal membranes and his/her mother’s nipple. Because of that smells, the baby will move toward the mother’s nipple. When the baby almost gets into the nipple, he/she will lick the nipple area. This licking function is to clean out bacteria in the breast and these bacteria will be changing into a good supplement to the baby’s body. Fascinating :)

The baby will start squashing his/her mother’s nipple which can stimulate breast milk,,, then……… open his/her mouth and start drinking..aha.. Slrruuppp…. ;)

Btw, I got this explanation from New Zealand Ministry of Health.
“Being close to the mother is essential for babies. They expect to smell their mothers and feel that the mother is still part of them. They need this as part of their normal, and sometimes remedial, birth recovery processes.”

Breast Aroma
The breast excretes an aroma which is only noticed by babies – this triggers feeding interest and gets a baby’s nose pointing in the right direction.. Researchers have found that these special breast aromas not only arouse feeding interest in babies but they also help soothe an unsettled baby. The mother fragrance is very unique to each mother and babies recognize these familiar aromas and feel safe, secure, and responsive to feeding.

Do not force a baby on to the breast
It is necessary to force a baby on to the breast and doing this may slow down the process of latching at the breast and early breastfeeding. Rushing the baby with this internally programmed sequence may delay breastfeeding as babies need to get the sequence in the right order to ensure that the tongue comes forward at the same time that the mouth opens wide – these are essential components of latching at the breast.

And hey.. This process decrease the number of babies’ death after being born, 22% respectively.

Check this video out:

Now, I see my roommate is sleeping.. should I go to my bed? hmm.. of course not.. too early.. lets watch something..
Korean movies for sure.. :D it's silly but it can make me laughing.. so that's good ;b

today's song: coldplay - viva la vida

R.A.A ;)
-To make something special you just need to believe that it is special-